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The Xplor games are a 5 in 1 educational board game that includes the sets of cards Xplor Fruits, Xplor Food, Xplor Civilizations, Xplor Nature, Xplor Quiz.

In this time where most of the children are addicted to gaming, board games help to put away their phones and develop many life skills. Everyone likes to learn while playing and my games can be used as educational tools for teachers and parents.

With Xplor games, you are going to feed your curiosity, discover new fruits, vegetables, and civilizations while learning about history and geography! 

I use my games as supports to provide original taste and cultural workshops as well as innovative corporate team building, and birthday parties.

The Xplor games are available in Norwegian, French, and English.


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This family board game is a unique tool for the parents/teachers and is particularly adapted to the preschool and primary students. It's important for children to eat fruits and vegetables, but getting them to actually do so can be a challenge... Xplor fruits provide fun and simple ways to help children (and adults!) learn about the taste in order to give them more confidence and curiosity to try new things. This transdisciplinary game is also about exploring food through the senses while learning about history and geography. This game contains also some fruit pairing information that helps to unleash the creativity in the kitchen!

Xplor Food is an expansion set of 27 vegetables and 27 spices cards that you can buy to complete your collection. This game is particularly adapted for playing at home, within a school, or in a local equipped with a kitchen. This time all our 9 explorers discover and collect new vegetables and spices from the "New World" before preparing a traditional local meal. The cards give you a description of the vegetables, some traditional recipes, and a food and spices pairing guide that helps the players to cook with creativity. The objective of this version is to encourage cooking with all the family while introducing easily new vegetables and spices. 

Xplor Quiz is another expansion set of 250 questions cards that you can buy to complete your collection with a cultural game! In this version, our famous explorers encounter new civilizations (Inca, Maya, Aztec..) and will learn about geography, history, cultures,etc... You can also create tailored quizzes  (and E-quiz) so that this version is perfect to use as an educational tool for the teachers, parents, or companies. In addition, Xplor Quiz is adapted to create competitions between the students or colleagues. Please review hereunder my innovative team building combining playing Xplor Quiz with a Cooking Masterclass/course. 

Xplor Nature is another expansion set of 54 animals cards from Asia, Africa,  Oceania, and the Americas that you can buy separately to complete your Xplor collections. In  this version, our explorers encounter new "flora and fauna" and you will learn and discover the wonderful nature of the New World!

Xplor Civilizations is the last expansion card for the countries discovered by our explorers.

You will learn about the etymology, history and geography, some cultural facts, and the capitals. This set includes  16 countries cards from Asia, 2 from Oceania,18 from Africa, 12 from the Americas, and 6 from Europe.The purposeful accomplishments discoveries made by our explorers have helped to shape the course of history. Did you know for example that the naming of "America" derives from Amerigo Vespucci, our Italian explorer? He also gave the name Venezuela that reminded him of Venezia, where he was born!  Magellan gave the name of the famous strait and the name of the pacific ocean while Jacques Cartier misheard the term Kanata ( that means village in the local language ) and called the land “Canada”. You learn best when you are thrown completely outside your comfort zone, and ‘playing’ Xplor can really help children (and adults!) to expand their curiosity and knowledge whilst making the learning cycle more effective!

And above all, The Xplor Games are FUN!

Are you responsible for the activities of a kindergarten, a school, AKS, elderly home and looking for a fun workshop to develop the taste of your students/patients or elderly persons?
Please learn more about my "Taste workshop"  by watching this video: 


Are you planning a corporate team-building event?
I propose an innovative offer with a Cooking course / Masterchef competition combined with playing Xplor Quiz game! Other modules consist of either having a playing Xplor Quiz Night competition or choosing a unique cooking course.

Are you looking for an original birthday party?
Then check out our innovative offer with a Cooking course / Masterchef competition combined with Xplor game!


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