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Creating Smiles, Sparking Curiosity, and Promoting Learning Through Play

Welcome to Xplor, the home of two exciting interdisciplinary board games: "Xplor World" and "Xplor Poles." Our games feature 6 packs of cards for Animals, Fruits, Vegetables, Spices, Civilizations, and Quiz, making them perfect for curious kids who love to explore the world around them. By immersing players in the feats of the greatest explorers, our games are designed to be both fun and educational. Embark on your exploration today and discover the wonders of the world!



Seeking to enrich your educational programs or leisure activities? Discover our cutting-edge workshops. From a workshop on nutrition, 5 senses, chocolate, exotic fruits, and animals of the world, those of the Arctic and Antarctica, to quizzes - there's something for everyone to satisfy the curiosity of your children or students. Tailored to accommodate various age groups and environments, such as kindergartens, schools, libraries, and retirement homes, our workshops present engaging activities guaranteed to entertain and educate while fostering social interaction. They are available in Norwegian, English, French, and Spanish.


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