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The Xplor Games are a 5- in-1 educational board game which includes the packs Xplor Fruits, Xplor Food, Xplor Civilizations, Xplor Nature and Xplor Quiz. Everyone likes to learn while playing and the games can also be used as educational tools for teachers and parents. Xplor games will feed your curiosity, discover new fruits, vegetables, civilizations and animals and even play quizzes while learning about history and geography! The new Xplor Arctic gives you a chance to explore even more... The games form a unique resource to provide original "5 senses" and  3 different “Cultural” workshops as well as corporate team buildings. The Xplor Games are available in Norwegian, French, and English.

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This family board game is a unique tool for the parents/teachers and is particularly designed for preschool and primary students. It's important for children to eat fruits and vegetables, but getting them to actually do so can be a challenge... Xplor fruits provide fun and simple ways to help children (and adults!) learn about taste in order to give them more confidence and curiosity to try new things. This transdisciplinary game is also about exploring food through the senses while learning about history and geography. It also contains information on fruit pairings guide that help unleash creativity! I suggest you to try the following combinations of flavors: Pineapple with basil, Melon with mint, Mango with coriander.

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Xplor Food is an expansion set of 27 vegetable and 27 spice cards which  can be purchased to complete your collection. This game is particularly adapted for playing at home, at school, or in a facility equipped with a kitchen. This time all our 9 explorers discover and collect new vegetables and spices from the "New World" before preparing a traditional local meal. The cards give you a description of the vegetables, some traditional recipes, and a food and spices pairing guide helping the players to cook with creativity. The objective of this version is to encourage cooking with all the family while easily introducing new vegetables and spices. 

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Xplor Quiz is another pack to the game which contains 300 questions which you can purchase to complete your Xplor Games collection! The advantage of this Quiz pack enabling grownups to play in a more advanced way than children, who can choose the simplified version of the game with the use of the same dice for all! In this version, our little explorers meet new civilizations (Incas, Mayas, Aztecs, Vikings ...) and will learn while having fun about the geography, history, cultures, and capitals, etc... This is a perfect educational resource for teachers and parents. Xplor Quiz can also be used to create cultural competitions between students or colleagues with different themes such as history or geography...  


Xplor Nature is another expansion featuring 54 animal maps from Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. You can buy Xplor Nature separately to complete your Xplor games collections and delight the children. In this version, our explorers meet the flora and fauna of the "New World" on their arrival. Imagine, for instance, the surprise and wonder of our Chinese explorer Zheng He who bumped into a giraffe in Kenya in the 15th century! (or Erik the Red when discovering the Whalrus in Greenland!!) Even more surprising, you will find out he decided to ship that giraffe back by boat, which became a legendary animal in China! For educational use in kindergarten and preschools, this is the ideal tool for presenting worldwide animals.


Xplor Civilizations is the last expansion pack for the countries discovered by our explorers. You will learn about etymology, history and geography, some cultural facts, and capitals. This set includes 16 countries cards from Asia, 2 from Oceania, 18 from Africa, 12 from the Americas, and 6 from Europe. The purposeful accomplishments of the different discoveries made by our explorers have helped to shape the course of history... You learn best when you are thrown completely outside your comfort zone, and ‘playing’ Xplor can really help children (and adults!) to expand their curiosity and knowledge whilst making the learning cycle more effective!


Xplor Arctic is the new release of the Xplor Games. The history of exploration in the Arctic is long and full of wonderful stories. You will follow the footsteps of the famous Arctic explorers and will bring to life the ‘Heroic Age of Exploration’.
Relive the exploits of the Nansen’s Fram expedition attempting to reach the geographical North pole,  Amundsen’s accomplishment to traverse the Northwest Passage, as well as the Nansen and Sverdrup success to cross the Greenland ice on skis!  A new engaging journey to learn “with fun” about the astounding and isolated frozen region and to experience the wilderness of the Arctic Ocean. 


And above all, The Xplor Games are FUN!


Are you responsible for the activities of a kindergarten, a school, or retirement home and are you looking for a fun workshop to develop the 5 senses of your students/residents? please have a look here:


Are you looking for a fun workshop or to create competitions with your students, residents or making a Quiz Night? Do not search anymore! Xplor Quiz allows you to carry out fun educational workshops to connect and engage your audience! All participants will play Xplor Quiz by answering questions related to geography, history, capitals, nature, etc... You can also create your own e-quiz (Kahoot) by combining the game with E-questions of your choice. Kids learn best through play, so the Xplor games is the perfect resource for your school, activity center, or your home. Note that I can also animate my workshops/Quiz Night on your premises. Do not hesitate to contact me to receive my offers.

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As a parent or teacher from kindergarten or primary schools, you are always looking for a funny educational activity to entertain your kids/students? Play Xplor Nature and gather up to 8 kids for 30-45 minutes to explore Nature through the game while learning about geography! Our mission is to amaze, enthuse and educate all the kids. Do not hesitate to offer this activity to your children or your students the next time you will read a book about the animals from the savanna! You will see that your story will become even more captivating and enriching for all!

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One subject most kids enjoy learning about is animals from the Arctic. If you purchase the Xplor Arctic Game, you can propose another activity to amaze your kids or students with a session of 30-45 minutes for up to 7 participants. Here also, you can animate this workshop before reading a book about the polar world. The best way to captivate your audience for a magical learning experience. 


Are you planning a corporate team-building event? I propose an innovative offer with a Masterchef competition combined with playing Xplor Quiz game! Another module consists of offering one "Xplor  Quiz Night" with the theme of your choice (Business-related, gastronomy, geography, history, etc...) 

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Are you looking for an original birthday gift? Are you organizing a pirate party? Xplor Games is also ideal for the anniversary of the pirates!

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