We organize seminars, workshops and team building for the schools or companies in Norwegian, English or French.



Xplor workshops for schools (from 5 to 18 years) 


 My approach by playing  Xplor fruits is to learn about fruits and the flavors and the taste of the children that is so important at their ages.

I come to the school with many fruits (including the exotics ones) that we will discover while playing and enjoy during a collective session at the end of the game. 



 Xplor Cooking classes for kids and adults


I use both Xplor fruits and Xplor food to encourage the kids for learning on the ingredients used and experimenting while cooking.

I have 4 years experience as a cooking teacher for kids and adults at the French and  the international school in Oslo


Please visit www.latable.no for more details regarding my culinary courses


 Xplor  Competitions for the children and adults


I used my support Xplor civilizations to spend a fun learning and a competition based on the knowledge of the participants in history, geography, cuisine and cultures.

The quizzes can also be created by companies or the parents regarding any subject that they desire.


 Xplor Teambuilding for the  Enterprises


I offer a unique concept by offering cooking Masterclasses for different teams.

While one team prepares food, the other is playing Xplor civilizations.

The winning team is the one that proposes the best plate both in savor and design and the one having the best results of the quizzes


 Xplor Language courses for children and adults


We can use both Xplor fruits or Xplor civilizations and adapt the quizzes to the public and their level of understanding         

A valuable way to learn while playing.


Do you wish to know more about our services or just wish to buy one of our games, please feel free to contact us. 


Laurent Benguigui, Creator and CEO

      Email: play@xplorgames.no  

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