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The Xplor Civilizations

Xplor Civilizations is the last expansion pack for the countries discovered by our explorers.

You will learn about the etymology, history and geography, some cultural facts, and the capitals. This set includes 16 countries cards from Asia, 2 from Oceania,18 from Africa, 12 from the Americas, and 6 from Europe. The purposeful accomplishments discoveries made by our explorers have helped to shape the course of history. Did you know for example that the naming of "America" derives from Amerigo Vespucci, our Italian explorer? He also gave the name Venezuela that reminded him of Venezia, where he was born! Magellan gave both the name of the famous strait and the name of the pacific ocean while Jacques Cartier misheard the term Kanata ( that means village in the local language ) and called the land “Canada”. You learn best when you are thrown completely outside your comfort zone, and ‘playing’ Xplor can really help children (and adults!) to expand their curiosity and knowledge whilst making the learning cycle more effective!

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