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The Xplor Food Pack

The Xplor Food pack is an expansion deck to complete perfectly your purchase of the Xplor Games (that includes the above fruits pack).

This extra pack contains 27 vegetables and 25 spices cards, a food pairing, and a spices guide to encourage you to cook with all the family and unleash the creativity in your kitchen! How does it work concretely? For example, imagine that you need to prepare Guacamole with corn tortillas, and you want to involve your kids in this preparation. Well, you start to play the Xplor Games using this food pack. Like our explorer Cortes in 1519, you are also going to be the first European to discover the ingredients that you need today!

While playing, you have to read the descriptive cards. You will learn that the corn, the avocado, the tomato, the chili but also the chocolate and even the vanilla are all native to Mexico! Did you know for example that this is the Spanish that gave the names Avocado, Tomato, and Chili all derived from the indigenous Nahuatl words of the Aztecs language āhuacatl, Tomatl, Xocoatl, and chīlli? When you have finished the game and like Cortes, you are bringing back all these ingredients to your kitchen! All the family is now ready and truly involved to prepare your best Guacamole ever! As simple as fun and a healthy way to reduce kid's screen time!

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