Relive the adventures of the famous explorers of the 15th century. The Xplor games original box with the Fruits version included comes with :

-  One worldmap with all the routes , 8 boats, a special dice

- 9 famous explorers, cards (Vespucci, Zheng He, Cartier, Columbus, Cortes,Erikson,Vasco da Gama, Magellan, Jeanne Barret)

- 45 cards of the native fruits from the 5 continents

Xplor fruits provides fun and simple ways to help children (and adults!) learn about the fruits and develop the taste buds by giving them more confidence and curiosity to try new ingredients.

Each card contains also a “fruits pairing’s” guide to explore surprising and delicious

combinations of flavors!

Please note that 4 more expansions packs  are also available for sales !

1. Xplor Food  pack ( 27 vegetables + 27 spices and herbs cards  )

2. Xplor Quiz pack ( 200 questions related to the culture, civilzation, history and geography)

3. Xplor Nature pack ( 54 cards of animals from around the world )

4. Xplor Cicilizations pack ( 54 countries to learn about historical facts, capitals, languages...)

Xplor Games Basic English Version (Fruits Pack)



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