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Test your knowledge through the game thanks to our extension of the game Xplor Quiz! With more than 320 questions from the pack of 54 Xplor Quiz cards, our quizzes allow you to refresh your knowledge, revise and assess your level in history and geography. You can even use the game to play a Quiz night with friends or colleagues. What makes this workshop unique is that the game can also be adapted to the interest, level, and age of your audience. All this by playing Xplor Quiz with online questionnaires (Kahoot type) in relation to the desired thematic ( Business, gastronomy, cinema, music, etc.)


                                                                                            INFORMATION ON THE CULTURAL WORKSHOP AND OUR NIGHT QUIZ 
1. The "Xplor Quiz" pack of 54 cards (320 questions) is an extension of the game Xplor Games which comes with an original pack of Xplor Fruits. 
2. To whom this workshop is destined? The game is designed for parents, high school classes, centers leisure, businesses, or for a seniors retirement center.                3. Who can offer this workshop? The parents, the teachers in history/geography, cultural instructors, or by ourselves who come to your premises to animate the workshop or to offer an entertaining and cultural  "Quiz Night". 
4. Number of participants: From 2 to 8 players (or in teams of 2) per table but it is recommended to play with 4 - 6 participants. 
5. Depending on the number of participants, the duration of a workshop is approximately 1h30 - 2h. Browse this gallery and download the guide to learn more and prepare your own workshop or Quiz Night event:


  Please feel free to contact us  for more information


Laurent Benguigui

Creator and Managing Director


         Phone: ( +47) 91 61 10 58            


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