I offer innovative and dynamic Masterclasses combined with playing E-Quizzes from my Xplor games.

 While one group prepares food, the other group plays a Kahoot-type Quiz and vice versa.
The winning team is the one having the best results about the Quizzes and the best presentation and tasty plate!

During this 3 hours Masterclass in either English, Norwegian, or French, you will:

- Play and learn about different topics:  Culture, history, international cuisine, wine, fruits, and vegetables, etc..
- Develop culinary creativity and learn basic cooking techniques

- Enjoy with your colleagues the prepared meal around "La Table"! 

- And above all, HAVE FUN !!!

- Kindly note that we can also offer one teambuilding playing Xplor Quiz alone or just a cooking course/Masterclass. For more details, kindly visit: wwww.latable.no


  Please feel free to contact us  for more information


Laurent Benguigui

Creator and Managing Director

      Email: play@xplorgames.no  

         Phone: ( +47) 91 61 10 58            


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