I'm a cooking teacher and believe it or not, some of my students have never tasted a kaki or a beet!

I offer two innovative workshops (one about fruits and another one about vegetables) destined for the schools, kindergarten, or elderly houses. My workshops that can be held in Norwegian, English, French or Spanish provide fun and simple ways to help children ( and adults!) to give them more confidence and curiosity to try new ingredients and develop their taste buds.

My workshop for the elderly houses is about to fight against the loneliness of the persons through playful activity.

Xplor workshop is allowing people to reconnect to the tastes and smells of their childhood, develop their five senses as well as reviving their cultural heritage. My methodology is explained below and also by rolling over this gallery.

  Please feel free to contact us  for more information and to receive our offers


Laurent Benguigui,

Creator and Managing Director

Email: play@xplorgames.no

      Phone: 91 61 10 58            


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