The Xplor Games workshops

The various game expansions that are Xplor Fruits, Xplor Food, Xplor Nature, and Xplor Arctic allow educators to have  4 fun workshops to learn, taste and develop the curiosity of children aged 5 and over. On request, I can come and visit the following educational workshops in your school or your activity's center:

 Workshop Xplor 5 senses 

In this workshop of about 1 hour, the children play in a shorter and more fun way with a theme on the game's pirates before starting the collective tasting of fruits (or vegetables). It is then time to work on taste associations with the following associations: Pineapple/Basil, Radish/Salt, Cocoa/Sugar = chocolate, Lemon/Sugar than some exotic fruits in season and learn to savor! Children also work on food cards to recognize fruits, vegetables, and spices and develop the vocabulary.  

 Workshop Xplor Nature 

In this second workshop which uses the extension of the game Xplor Nature, our "little explorers" play Xplor Games and meet new continents and animals! They learn to identify the continents and to map the origin of animals with fun facts! The game also allows children to work on animal cards to recognize them.

Workshop Xplor Arctic  

In this third workshop which uses the Xplor Arctic game, our "little explorers" play to discover the Arctic, the exploits and the boats of the greatest explorers as well as the magnificent animals of the white world like the polar bears, the whales. .. A simple and fun way to expand your knowledge through play. Download the following guide to understand the methodology of our workshops. Happy Xplorations!