Cooking science Masterclass birthday party and playing Xplor games 

Are you looking for an original idea to celebrate a birthday party combining playing Xplor games and a cooking Masterclass or course to discovering the molecular gastronomy?  

I have a bachelor's grade in chemistry and for me, cooking has always been advanced chemistry!

I offer in Norwegian, English or French a science cooking-themed birthday party that is sure to entertain!

Kids and adults discover the fun side of science while they are baking and take part in spectacular cooking science demonstrations 

I explain in a simple way what are an emulsion, a gel, the density of the ingredients, introduce the food pairings concept and

 how to occur the chemical and physical transformations in the kitchen,

           Please check it out our unique program by rolling over this gallery and discover our different options:

More details about the program, photos, and videos :


  Please feel free to contact us  for more information and to receive our offers


Laurent Benguigui,

Creator and Managing Director


         Phone: 91 61 10 58            


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