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One of the main goals of the Xplor project was to create more interdisciplinarity at school and develop the curiosity of the children. Why not let the students learn and test their knowledge through play? The Xpor games are educationally structured to offer 4 workshops for C from kindergarten to secondary school:

- Xplor 5 senses workshop:  Kids play Xplor Fruits or Food and explore new ingredients and flavors.

- Xplor Arctic workshop:  Kids play Xplor Arctic and discover the age of exploration and the wild animals. 

- Xplor Nature workshop: Kids play Xplor Nature and discover 54 animals from around the globe.

- Xplor Cultural Workshop / Competition: Here the students play Xplor Quiz which is a good starting point to create competition or for working in geography, history with subjects related to nature, civilization, the age of great discoveries, the capital, etc...


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Laurent Benguigui

Creator and Managing Director

      Email: play@xplorgames.no  

         Phone: ( +47) 91 61 10 58            


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