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Introducing the Xplor Poles edition, a double-sided game featuring a map of the Antarctic on one side and a map of the Arctic on the other. The set includes 40 beautifully illustrated animal cards, with 21 Antarctic animals and 19 Arctic animals, providing a fun and educational way for players to learn about the unique wildlife of the poles. In addition, there are 14 cards featuring famous explorers who have made significant contributions to the history of the poles. To add an element of chance and excitement, we've included a special dice with symbols representing different weather conditions and numbers, allowing for unexpected twists and turns in gameplay. Perfect for family game nights, classroom activities, or nature enthusiasts, the Xplor Poles edition offers an engaging and interactive experience for all ages.

Xplor Poles ( Arctic + Antarctica maps + 40 Animals cards)

kr 320,00Pris
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