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The Xplor Fruits Expansion Pack is the perfect addition to our Xplor World board game, offering an exciting new dimension to gameplay. With 54 cards featuring a variety of fruits from around the world, the players can learn about the origins of the ingredients  and discover fun facts about their history. In addition to providing educational content, each card also includes seasonal calendar, food pairing best combos,  and some nutritional information such as protein, calories, and vitamins, adding a layer of health awareness to the game. Whether you're a food enthusiast or simply enjoy expanding your knowledge, the Xplor Fruits Expansion Pack is a must-have for an enhanced gaming experience. Purchase this pack and others to further enrich your journey through the world of food and flavors.


Xplor Fruits Expansion Pack (54 cards)

kr90.00 Regular Price
kr80.00Sale Price
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