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The Xplor world edition game allows players to explore and learn about both ancient and new worlds, as well as the animals and explorers that have shaped history - With stunning graphics and detailed information on each card, the Xplor “World” game is both educational and entertaining for players of all ages - Perfect for game nights, classrooms, or as a gift for history buffs and animal lovers, the Xplor “World” game offers hours of fun and learning for the whole family The expansion pack of fruit, vegetable, and spice cards ( 54 cards each) is recommended for those wanting to delve deeper into the world of nutrition and taste while playing the game -

The box includes:

- One map of the old world in 1507 on the front

- One map of the new word on the back with  46 animals

- 9 cards of the famous explorers  ( Jeanne Barret, columbus, leiv erikson, jacques cartier, zheng he, vasco da gamme, amerigo vespucci, magellan, hernan cortes)

- 1 special dice with the symbols of 3 different numbers, the storm, the wind, and the  pirates

- 9 boat meeples including one for the pirate



Xplor World (Old+New Worlds Maps + 46 Animals)

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